Click on any of the links or documents below for ideas, strategies, and articles of interest.

We were fortunate to have a opportunity for schools to conduct independent book studies around critical topics of interest for teaching and learning. If your school has not conducted a study, check out the list and materials below and consider a study for the coming 2013-2014 school year.

Book Title
Study Materials
When Kids Can't Read
Kylene Beers

Deeper Reading
Kelly Gallagher

Write Like This
Kelly Gallagher

Teaching Adolescent Writers
Kelly Gallagher

So What Do They Really Know
Cris Tovani
Teaching Argument Writing
George Hillocks, Jr.

Many of you have been looking for interesting articles to pique your students' interest in reading informational texts. Any of the articles below are sure to tickle a fancy or two Several of these articles have the topic and offer varying perspectives based on the publication source...A wonderful way to address Reading Standard 9...Enjoy!

We have to be mindful of our students. They don't always tell us everything about their lives. Click the link below for a gentle reminder.

Need ideas on writing? The tips below will offer some support.

Librarians at Harvard University provide text annotation support for their incoming freshmen. Use it to provide support for your students.

Reflection on our practice provides ways for personal growth and instructional improvement. Click the link below to read an article in the 2009 Edition of Educational Leadership magazine.

As we continue our work in developing students' ability to read closely (R1), the two documents below will offer insight into how to develop and evaluate text-dependent questions.

Below are the materials (Marian Anderson & Powerpoint presentation) shared with Principals, AF's, and Department Chairs on how to conduct close reading.

Below are Crosswalk Documents for each grade level from HMH to correlate resources from Write Source with literature selections from the textbook series.